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Managing My Ads

Log into your account and click the "My Ads" button. You may take the following actions:

Edit - after clicking the "Edit" button, your ad will appear in its original format and you may edit, add to the fields, as well as upload, delete or change photos.

Deactivate - clicking this button will make your ad inactive. The ad will stay on your account, but will not be seen by other users. You can always reactivate your ad by pressing the "Activate" button.

Delete Your Ad - when you would like to delete an ad from your account, you must tick the box in front of "Mark" and then click on "Delete Selected" at the bottom of the page. This way you can delete multiple ads at the same time.

The free option "Refresh" on the site gives you the opportunity once a day to put your ad to the first position on the website, no matter when the ad was created. This will boost your selected ad and help it become more visible to other users.

You will find the "Refresh" button for every ad that you have. After choosing which ad you would like to boost, click the "Refresh" button in its field to put the ad in the first position of the site.

Use of paid options of the site - click on the "Promote" button and follow the instructions after the corresponding window opens.

You can purchase TOP/VIP ads with a discount of up to 50%. How to purchase?

Note: Ads that have been posted in violation of the GENERAL RULES on the site are deleted even though you have used a paid service and the amount is not refundable.

Visit the Terms and Conditions page to find out more.

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