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Safety and Security Recommendations makes it easy for everyday, hard-working users to offer their goods, belongings and services for sale or find great deals on what they are looking to buy. Unfortunately, there are also people who use this platform to commit fraud. site moderators review every published ad in order to comply with the TERMS OF USE, and delete any irregular and inadmissible ads.

However, the risks of choosing and acquiring a good / property / service, payment method and related exchanges of information are to be considered by individual persons.

The team wants you to make safe and secure transactions and make the following recommendations in this regard:

- Do not transmit / receive goods or items for which a final price has not been agreed on, or the pricing is subject to unclear additional conditions. Only make payments through proven and secure operators.

- Each product / item / has its own reasonable price. It is possible that an underpriced item for sale could be a for of scam. If this is the case, request additional information and guarantees.

- Do not prepay the goods / service / or send a down payment.

Take care especially when you are asked for a prepayment or a down payment for deferred goods without checking with the supplier and without signing a contract with them. Take caution if/when promised bonuses or guaranteed work if you pay a down payment.

- Do not provide unneeded information / personal data, banking information, documents that are not related and are not necessary for the transaction. Do not let the bargain or find overwhelm you to the point where you are less attentive to the information you give out.

- When receiving the goods by courier, request the “preview and test” option before making the payment. Do the examination (test) calmly and thoroughly.

- Protect your account well with a complex password and don't share it with anyone.

You can periodically change your password using "Account Settings".

Be careful with any unwanted correspondence.

- If you become a victim of fraud, file a complaint with the police immediately and let us know so we can assist you.

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