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TOP ads

What is a TOP Ad?

"TOP ad" is an additional paid service on, through which you can attract increased interest in your ad and get a quick sale of your product or service.


How do I make my ad a "TOP ad"?

To make your ad TOP, log in to your account. In the menu "My ads" each ad has an option "Make TOP" or use the link "Make a listing TOP" in the ad itself.

Why are TOP ads viewed more often and how do they differ from other ads?

TOP ads appear on the homepage and occupy the top 2 positions on the "All ads" page. TOP ads also rotate in the first position on the right side of the site. This makes TOP listings more effective than VIP listings and increases the chances of a successful deal. Only TOP ads in this category are displayed on a category page. In addition, TOP listings are marked with a sign

What is the cost of publishing a "TOP ad"?

The price for publishing a "TOP ad" is BGN 4.80 incl. VAT, when using the methods of payment announced on the site: Via (You can pay from a registered card / Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron /, Microaccount, Cash / EasyPay /, Bank transfer, ATM) or PayPal. com (Visa, MasterCard).
For payment by sending an SMS to phone 1096 with the text of the ad code starting with LTOP ........ the price is BGN 6 incl. VAT.
Important! The cost of posting "TOP ad" with SMS is higher due to the fees that mobile operators charge at every SMS payment. On average, these fees are more than 60% of the price.

How long will my “TOP ad” be published?

The listing becomes TOP for a period of 7 days. After the expiration of the period the advertisement is still published but as a free ad.

You can buy TOP / VIP ads with discounts over 50%. How to buy?

Note: Ads that have been posted in violation of the GENERAL RULES on the site are deleted even though you have used a paid service and the amount is not refundable.

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